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n-HEXANE (CAS No.:110-54-3)

UN: 1208

Synonyms: n-Hexane


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Packing 20'FCL With/without pallets 40'FCL With/without pallets
132kg/Drum 10.56 MT/ 10.8 MT               21.12 MT/ 21.6 MT            
15.0 MT / ISO TANK

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  • Item Specification
    Appearance Colorless liquid
    SP. GR, 60/60℉ 0.660-0.680
    Composition by GC

    99.0% min

    Methylcyclopentane 1.0% max
    Cyclohexane 1.0% max
    Benzene ppm 20 max
    Distillation, ℃
    IBP 66 min
    DP 70 max
    Color, saybolt +30 min
    Sulfur wt ppm 1 max
    Bromine Index, mg/100g 10 max
    NVM mg/100ml 1 max
    Acidity Neutral
    Moisture, wt ppm 100 max
  • Feature:

      Our n-Heptane is made by hydrogenation method to gurantee product free of benzene nor toluene which is forbidden in Pharmaceutical Industry, meanwhile, Sulphur is removed,which make our material is suitable for Pharmaceutical,Food, Resin & Coating Industries.Process same as SK Korea, not aborbtion process like other Chinese suppliers apply.


      Hexane is a colorless liquid with low toxicity and weak special smell. It is used as solvent in organic synthesis, and bulk extract for plant extraction and oil, also as cleaning in electronic industry.

  •     Authorized Distributor/ Exporter since 2005.

        NORTHEAST PHARM GROUP is a leading supplier of n-hexane and alkane series chemicals. The plant has been operating in alkane series chemicals for more than ten years.The plant's competitive resource advantages ensure that it produces high quality chemicals. Their products include N-Hexane, N-Heptane,Cyclohexane, N-Pentane, Methylcyclopentane, Isohexane, Isopentane. And has the company's own tank truck logistics fleet, to ensure that products can be more secure, more timely service to customers.With its leading market position, high production capacity and partners all over the country, the factory can provide high-quality products and services for vegetable oil, pharmaceutical intermediates, rubber and electronic cleaning enterprises.



  • 1.What is its main application?
    It can be used as Solvents in Organic Synthesis and Extract for oil and plant extracts , it also traditionally as analytical reagent, chromatographic analysis reference substance.

    2. How many years we produced it, and what is its capacity?
    It produced since 2015.And capacity is 15000mt annually. 

    3. What is plant location and nearest port?
    It located in a chemical zone Liaoning province, and nearest port is Dalian port.

    4. If document Support and audit available?
    Yes, VQ and allied tech. package is available for serious client. Audit could be accepted 

    5. What other products are producing or plan to produce in this plant?
    cyclohexane, n-hexane and Isooctane.

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