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Purified grade

Synonyms:Sulfanilic Acid



Packing 20'FCL  without pallets 20'FCL With  Pallets
25kg/Woven Bag

21 MT

16 MT
500-750kg/Jumbo Bag  15-16MT
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  • Items Specification
    Appearance White to off white powder
    Assay% 99.0% min
    Aniline% 0.01% max
    Insoluble% 0.03% max
    Moisture% 0.30% max
  • Feature:

    Our products have passed SGS for its low contents of heavy metals and carcinogens.
     Free Aniline lower than 100ppm which make the end product low subsidiary dyes and less impurities.

     Snow white appearance with actual assay 99.5% by GC.


     1.Food Colors like Sunset Yellow, Tartrazine,etc.D&C Yellow 6 Food Color,

      2. Optical Brightener Agent
      3. dyestuff intermediates like 1-(4-Sulphophenyl)-3-Carboxy-5-Pyrazolone,


  •   Authorized Distributor/ Exporter since 2006

      Founded in 2000, Hebei Honggang Chemical Co.,Ltd., is an ISO9000 certificated company, which is located in Baixiang, Hebei province, 2hours far from Beijing. Their max capacity is 20000mt annually. This factory is the biggest manufacturer of Sulphanilic Acid in China. The production method is sulfonation of aniline. The factory pays attention to EHS, they circulate production of Sulphanilic Acid and its Sodium salt which makes mother liquid 100% utilize and they do not discharge waste water at all. They have already passed audit of many clients.


  • 1.What is its main application?
      1.Food Colors like Sunset Yellow, Tartrazine,etc.D
    &C Yellow 6 Food Color,

      2. Optical Brightener Agent
      3. API like CELECOXIB
      4. dyestuff intermediates like 1-(4-Sulphophenyl)-3-Carboxy-5-Pyrazolone,

    2. How many years we produced it, and what is its capacity?
    It produced since 2000.And capacity is 65000 mt annually.

    3. What is plant location and nearest port?
    It located in Hebei province, and nearest port is Tianjin port.

    4. If document Support and audit available?
    Yes, VQ and allied tech. package is available for serious client. Audit could be accepted 

    5. What other products are producing or plan to produce in this plant?
    There also produce sulfanilic acid sodium salt.
  • Melting point:                                                         >300 °C(lit.)

    Density                                                                  1.485

    refractive index                                                      1.5500 (estimate)

    storage temp.                                                        Store in dark!

    Solubility                                                                10g/l

    Pka                                                                         3.24(at 25℃)

    form                                                                        solid

    PH2.5                                                                     (10g/l, H2O, 20℃)

    Water Solubility                                                       0.1 g/100 mL (20 ºC)

    Merck                                                                     14,8926

    BRN                                                                        908765

    Stability:                                                                  Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.

    InChIKey                                                                  HVBSAKJJOYLTQU-UHFFFAOYSA-N

    Indirect Additives used in Food Contact Substances SULFANILIC ACID

    FDA 21 CFR                                                             176.180

    CAS DataBase Reference                                        121-57-3(CAS DataBase Reference)

    FDA UNII                                                                   434Z8C2635

    NIST Chemistry Reference                                        Benzenesulfonic acid, 4-amino-(121-57-3)

    EPA Substance Registry System                               Sulfanilic acid (121-57-3)

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